Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Whole New Meaning to Asking the Question "Where's My Darn Dress?"

As my readers may know, I was given the wonderful opportunity to intern with Charas Designer Wear in London over the summer. Not only did I get the chance to shadow the Design Director and share in all her creative responsibilities, I also got to give my design input to her on some select garments. These garments are featured in her High Winter 2008 line. If you visit, click the "Collections" link at the top of the page, the High Winter 2008 line will appear. Scrolling right, you'll see the brown "Cross Maxi" dress with a shrug, as well as the green "Cross Midi." I MADE those two dresses, literally- I cut the fabric and stitched it together for sampling (which is when the model puts on the first constructed garment for photoshoots). Exciting! I'm gonna stop bragging now.

Next, the brown shrug over the Cross Maxi is my design. It's a simple ruffle layering over a basic bolero, but that's still my idea. Share with me how cool it is to see my stuff realized! I have only one complaint. I also designed a dress for Sarah (Charas' Design Director) that should be included in this year's high winter line. She doesn't add the entire line immediately, and I'm hoping that's the reason my dress isn't up there. I'm gonna be dissappointed if she doesn't choose to include it, for sure. There's still time before the line goes up for internet sale...


Peggy Johnstone said...

Where IS your darn dress? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, BooverGirl. By the way, I LOVE the name of your blog!

Bright Spirit said...

The dresses and bolero look great, Lindsey! Congratulations for having your designs in Charas' High Winter 2008 line. Both cross midi and cross maxi look terrific -intricate and really nicely draped. The bolero is a nice touch. I am so proud of you! Now if only your "missing" dress shows up. :o)