Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Reunion Time

Speaking of wanting my family around, I have decided it's time to spur some plans for a small family reunion. This all started in early autumn, when Erin came to the capital to visit her friend and we just had to make time to get together, and at the same time Meghan sent me an invitation for her wedding. What followed was in immediate friending of all my Southern-convert cousins across facebook and myspace, why hadn't we thought of this before? We've been out of contact since Grandpa Andress' funeral, in 2002. The hour or so spent with Erin wasn't nearly enough, I didn't get halfway through the story of what's happened to me over the past 6 years, she didn't even get started on hers, and there was silliness to be had, but not enough. Not only that, but I realized I was missing out on this kind of connection from all my Andress cousins! While Erin plans to make semi-frequent trips to D.C., I think all of us began to think that a reunion is long overdue. It would have been absolutely lovely to be able to visit for Meg's wedding, but it unfortunately conflicted with my finals and an unforseen car accident. So REALLY FOR REAL plans are in the works for March! I can't wait to fly down and see my extended family!
(photo from left: Matt, Lia, Erin, Meghan, Michael, Sarah, Aunt Carol, Uncle Hal)


Peggy Johnstone said...


Peggy Johnstone said...

BTW,I think you should post something about your dress design!

Lindsey said...

Don't worry, I wasn't hurt! I'll call you soon :) And I am JUST ABOUT to post something about my dress design!