Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's Have Som!

It's finally been decided that this year, Marymount University will be hosting Peter Som as a guest designer to speak at our fashion show! It's a great privelege to be able to host guest designers who know and understand both the art and the business of fashion. Not only do the guest designers grace our Friday Luncheon fashion show (on April 24 this year, tickets for which sell for about $100!), they take the time to meet with the senior designers individually for a portfolio review! It's so exciting, but at the same time it's terrifying! Marymount has hosted designers in the past that have lcked enthusiasm for the level of designs students have created at a senior level. Since MU is a private institution, and a small one, seniors have to pack extra punch into their designs to make a good impression, and this year, part of that privelege/burden falls on me!

Finding out who the designer is and eventually meeting him or her at the fashion show has been exciting for me, as well as my fellow design students as well I'm sure, over the past few years. My time at Marymount has seen designers Michael Kors and Cynthia Rowley. But everything changes when you know this big name, and hopefully even bigger presence, is going to be handling your work and discussing it with you! My portfolio review with Peter Som is going to take place on the same day as the Fashion Luncheon; Friday, April 24. Later that evening, there will be a second fashion show, and the semester will conclude with a final show on the evening of Saturaday, April 25. The evening show tickets go for about $14 a piece.


Peggy said...

How very exciting! Do you know what kind of personality Som has? What kind of weight will his review of your work carry? What will he be reviewing? Do tell! We've on the edges of our seats! :-)

Peggy said...

By the way, Boover, I love what you're done with your blog-space!